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    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding various aspects of GIEC are provided in this section here below

    Ans. Electronic commerce, or E-Commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods and services using the internet. And it isn’t just important - it is one of the fundamental technology disruptions of our time which has gone on to transform the retail landscape for physical goods while also enabling a market for digital goods, as well as the digital advertising that fuels Google and Facebook.

    For physical products, E-Commerce has changed business models and product strategies for everything from toothpaste to luxury goods. The power of the internet allowed Amazon to grow from being a bookseller to a platform that sells literally everything, by combining online marketing to build a platform that can sell anything along with old-fashioned logistics expertise to deliver it at scale

    E-Commerce has also created a universe of purely digital products, including those that replace physical goods as well as those that offer new ways of delivering traditional services such as Uber. The ability to sell software ranging from image editing tools to meditation apps across multiple platforms over the internet has also led to an explosion of innovation in products that could never have existed prior to the E-Commerce era. One must learn something about E-Commerce as this is the way we have to buy and even sell.

    Ans. E-Commerce exposes you to marketing, supply chain, pricing and profit management, customer acquisition.

    E-Commerce opportunities
    E-Commerce as a fastest growing sector is offering lots of job opportunities to the qualified people. After holding a certificate in E-Commerce, you can seek jobs in E-Commerce companies that implement E-Commerce skills including Operations, Logistics, Digital marketing, Data analytics etc.

    Demand of E-Commerce
    The growing E-Commerce needs nearly one million certified E-Commerce professionals worldwide.

    Enter into E-Commerce
    Join our Certified E-Commerce professional program (GIEC Certification) and start your career in E-Commerce.

    Ans. Since any company selling goods or services today needs an E-Commerce marketing strategy, expertise in this area is an asset in a wide range of industries and jobs. Product management roles can particularly benefit from this background, since this position requires a big-picture perspective on the entire product lifecycle from development to sales - and E-Commerce is fundamental to selling today, especially for software products. Similarly, regardless of the product being sold, digital marketers need to understand E-Commerce as part of the final “conversion” stage of the marketing funnel.

    E-Commerce is also unlocking career opportunities for artists and artisans of all types. Whether you’re a musician, a photographer, a vintage clothing seller, or anyone else selling hand-made or one-of-a-kind products, E-Commerce has enabled countless individuals to turn their hobbies into a full-time job. While platforms like Etsy, Bandcamp, and even Instagram have all made it easy to sell to your customers, an education in E-Commerce can help you separate yourself from the competition and reach the larger audience you need to make your business viable.

    Ans. The E-Commerce market is growing fast and is expected to continue to grow in future too. The employers want candidates with strong fundamentals in E-Commerce. This certification program shall help you develop a broad-based understanding of the whole E-Commerce domain. After learning, you will be ready to act independent as a freelance E-Commerce Business Consultant and even start your online business. This will be the most amazing and profitable investment you will be making for yourself.

    Ans. Yes, GIEC can help you learn everything you need to understand the ever-expanding possibilities of E-Commerce today, as also the fundamentals of business and digital marketing that can help you fully leverage these capabilities. E-Commerce has made selling dramatically easier for businesses of all kinds as online learning is making education vastly more accessible by allowing you to learn remotely on your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

    GIEC lets you learn, Online, about E-Commerce from the experts at a fraction of a cost that one incurs studying it in big and reputed institutes.