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    The global E-Commerce industry is vast. In 2019, the value of E-Commerce sales worldwide reached $3.53 trillion. The size of the sector has been growing year-on-year for over a decade. India’s E-Commerce sector is likely to witness a growth of around 50% in the next five years.

    Thus, as to be expected, E-Commerce is going to be the biggest employment sector for the fresher as well as experienced persons, in the days to come. There is huge demand already in Industry as well as Service sectors for the right candidates. The Industry sector is already witnessing growing demand for positions in disciplines like Marketing, Supply Chain, Category management, Inventory products, Logistics, Warehouse, Purchasing, Account handling, Legal, HR, and Financial prospects of a business.

    The Service sector too is showing huge demand for trained Web developers, Front end and back end executives, Applications software developers, User experience designers, Community builders, IT consultants for Technical support, Business analysts, Graphic designers, Digital operations managers, Digital marketing managers, SEO content writers etc.